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Welcome   is   the   premier   website   featuring   custom   &   collectible   billiard   instruments. Introduced in 1997, today 18 years later is still going strong. Prior   to   this   website   Dick   Abbott   manufactured   elite   acrylic   products   for   the   billiard   industry to   include   a   $25,000   custom   one   of   a   kind   pool   table   for   David   Brenner’s   Amsterdam Billiards   in   New   York   city.   He   was   a   vendor   at   the   BCA   trade   show,   the   US   Open   9   Ball Championship and other major pool tournaments beginning in 1989. During   this   time   Dick   also   had   a   cue   repair   business   and   dealt   in   cues,   John   Ogonowski   and Sammy Jones introduced him to the world of high-end custom and collectible billiard cues. Dick   owned   and   operated   a   pool   room   in   the   early   1990s.   He   has   written   many   articles   for major   pool   publications   about   billiard   cues   and   is   one   of   the   pricing   editors   for   the   Blue Book   of   Pool   Cues.   He   served   on   the   board   of   directors   Academy   of   American   Cue   Art   and was   an   associate   member   American   Cuemakers   Association.   Dick   is   also   a   proud   member   of the   Mensa   Society,   as   well   an   accomplished   dedicated   photographer   specializing   in   pool   cue photography.   and,,   are   websites   dedicated   to collectible billiard instruments and memorabilia. takes extra care when shipping your custom cue.  We use only FedEx Air because it is the fastest and safest way to ship for our products.  Standard 2 day air is $35 and overnight is $50, plus we insure your collectible cue at $0.50 per $100 of the value.  These rates apply for the continental United States excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Buy it now payments are made with paypal accepting Visa, Master Card, American Express & Diners Club.  Contact me if you would like to pay with any other form of payment or if you are an international buyer and collector.
Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
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