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Carom Billiard cue circa 1964 According to the cue’s original owner this may be the first cue made by Bert Schrager in 1964 when Bert began making cues under the guidance of Harvey Martin. Harvey Martin’s influence is readily apparent. Cue in 100% original pristine condition. Cork wrap spirally wound around the handle. White rubber bumper. Owner’s initials ‘D H’ and shaft number ‘1’ stamped into shaft and joint protector. Very cool set of joint protectors. 18.1 ounces  ~  57” Butt 27.75”  ~  14.2 ounces Shaft 29.25”  ~  3.9 oz  ~  11.8 mm European billiard taper. I’ve pocketed a couple hundred balls with this stick – it plays as sweet as it looks. Q2336  ~  $2,450                                                                                         
Bert Schrager
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