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Bob Meucci
Wico blank circa 1970 Rare three prong Wico blank. Rosewood points w/ black, red, green, white vinyl veneers into bird's eye maple forearm. Rosewood butt sleeve. White w/ green speck Cortland wrap. Very good original condition. One shaft  ~  12.5mm 57"  ~  19.7 ounces Q2100  ~  $950
Tommy Kennedy circa mid 1900s Four ebony points w/ purple, green, purple, natural veneers. Mother of pearl inlays in each point. Ebony butt sleeve w/ mother of pearl inlays. Autographed by 1992 U.S. Open champion Tommy Kennedy. Black w/ white speck Irish linen wrap. Good condition. One shaft  ~  13.1 mm  ~  non-matching joint collar 58"  ~  17.0 ounces Q2003  ~  $600
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