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Titlist Conversion circa 1971  Titlist conversion with more work into it than any other Titlist conversion I've ever seen. Rosewood handle is checkered like a gun stock with veneers and interesting marquetry work spiraling 180°. The forearm is gun drilled 3", there is a 3" tenon on the handle with a 5/16" screw to attach it to the forearm. This has to be one of the first examples of coring a cue. Quality and ingenuity and execution with attention to detail is over the top. All this and consider it was done 38 years ago. The checkering is perfect, a good gunsmith would be proud of this work. Inscribed “Designed & Handmade 1971 by Daddy” & “For Punky Punk”. Two shafts one with a curly maple splice and many inlays. Q2205  ~  $8,800  
Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
Cal Hedden