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“Birdman” circa 1984 Mr. Coster's first inlaid cue ~ 'Gambler' theme Cue was made in trade for meatloaf dinners 40+ mother of pearl and wood inlays Rosewood w/ mother of pearl inlays & wood inlays Martin Guitar Co supplied the mother of pearl pieces White w/ double black speck Irish linen wrap Flat face stainless steel joint w/ 5/16" x 18 pin Excellent original condition 2 shafts  ~ 12.85mm & 12.9mm 3.9 oz w/ ivory ferrules 58.25"  ~  19.3 ounces  ~  18.5" balance point Q2229   ~   $9,500
“Road Player”    circa 1984 Mr. Coster's second inlaid cue 'Road Player' theme with bird's eye maple front & back. 50 mother of pearl inlays supplied by the Martin Guitar Co. white w/ double black speck Irish linen wrap. Flat faced stainless steel joint w/ 5/16" x 18 pin. Excellent original condition Two shafts 13.1 mm & 13 mm one w/ ivory ferrule Original case included 58.25" 19.3 ounces 18.5" balance point Q2232  ~   $9,000 Click to view provenance [1] 4 prong circa 1980s Rare Coster cue with points and inlays Four points rosewood w/ veneers & mother of pearl dots into straight grain maple Rosewood butt sleeve divided into four windows w/ barbell inlays & mother of pearl rings Stainless steel flat-faced joint w/ 5/16" x 18 pin Maple stitch rings @ joint White w/ green speck Irish linen wrap Very good original condition Original Coster joint protectors One shaft  ~  12.7 mm 58"  ~  19.6 ounces Q1960  ~   $8,500
Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
Frank Coster
‘Merry Widow’ circa 1987 'Merry Widow' bird's eye maple w/ honey colored stain White w/ black speck Irish linen wrap Stainless steel joint Two shafts 12.7mm & 12.9mm 58"  ~  19.25 ounces Q2057  ~  $2,800   Click to view provenance [1]
‘Merry Widow’  circa 1982 'Merry Widow' straight grain maple Rare white delrin butt sleeve w/ black delrin butt cap stainless steel flat face joint Black leather wrap Very good original condition Two shafts  ~  13.0 mm & 12.3 mm 58.25"  ~  19.9 ounces Q1859  ~  $3,150