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Ivory Handle circa 1970 Ivory handle Harvey Martin. Cue was made for carom billiard player Jim McFarlane . One of eight known to exist. One of two that separates into three butt pieces. Extremely rare and desirable probably the finest example in existence. A high-end cue collector’s dream comes true. Excellent 100% original condition. Q2215  ~  $22,000 Click to view provenance [1]
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Harvey Martin
Harvey Martin made cues from the 1920's until 1984, primarily in Los Angeles. He was the first custom cuemaker, tailoring each cue to the individual customer.  Martin would observe each client's stance, stroke and grip position, take measurements, and then construct the cue using the finest wood available. Most of his designs were simple, and bird's-eye maple was his wood of choice for forearms and butt sleeves. Martin was also known for his case making. His leather tube-style creations are as sought-after as are his cues among collectors. Martin's innovations in construction technique and decades of quality cuemaking earned him a spot in the American Cuemaker's Association  “Hall of Fame.”