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Joss prototype circa 1992 "J" Hook prototype for “Professional Series” Charcoal stained bird's eye maple 'Merry Widow'. Black butt sleeve w/ six "J" Hook inlays. Stainless steel piloted joint w/ 5/16" x 14pin. Black w/ white speck Irish linen wrap. One shaft  ~  13.1 mm 58"  ~  18.7 ounces Q2287  ~  $450  
Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
Joss Cues® was born in 1968 in a two-car garage in Baltimore, the brainchild of Dan Janes and his partner. Working with one ancient manual lathe, a butcher-shop band saw, one drill press, and a single work bench, the two former road players took some of contemporary cue making’s first steps away from the traditional four-prong design, innovating the "floating points" concept and many others.
Joss circa 2000  ~  s.n. A08362 Ebonized ‘Merry Widow’ Finely engraved SS joint collar Black w/ white speck Irish linen wrap One shaft  ~  13.0 mm 58”  ~  19.1 ounces Q2356  ~  $700        $575