Model M from the second Palmer catalog circa early 1970’s This model ‘M’ is as shown in the second Palmer catalog. 31 mother of pearl inlays. White w/ black speck Irish linen wrap. Very good original condition. 1 shaft  ~  12.6mm. 58”  ~  21.1 ounces. Q2339  ~  $2,700         
Model M from the second Palmer catalog circa early 1970’s This model ‘M’ is probably one of a kind. 5 veneers instead of the typical 3. Extra veneers are green. 24 mother of pearl inlays. Non typical butt sleeve on an ‘M’. White w/ green speck Irish linen wrap. Excellent original condition. 1 shaft  ~  12.85 mm. 58”  ~  20 ounces. Extremely rare Palmer cue. Q2340  ~  $3,800 
Model C from the second Palmer catalog circa late 1960’s Palmer’s tribute to Herman Rambow. 4 point ebony Titlist conversion. Distinctive radiused butt plate. Very good original condition. 1 shaft  ~  12.9 mm. 57.5”  ~  20.4 ounces. Q2346  ~  $1,350 
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Palmer Custom Cues
The original line of cues consisted of 8 designs, letters A through H, showcased on a flyer produced in 1965. These designs were incorporated into what is now considered the "First Catalog" in 1966 and with 3 added designs. The First Line Catalog now numbered each cue and also featured two cases, which were made in Brooklyn to Palmer’s design and specifications by a company called the Fine Brothers.
  Model 1 variation from the PM Palmer catalog  circa early 1980s Solid Bubinga “Merry Widow” style cue. Two-tone Dacron wrap purple and red. Stainless steel piloted joint with 5/16” x 18 brass pin. Good original condition. One of a kind – it is Earl Strickland or Shaquille O'Neal size. 66”  ~  24.4 ounces. Butt - 33”  ~  18.3 ounces. Shaft 1  ~  33” ~ 6.1 ounces ~ 14.4 mm. Shaft 2  ~  28.5” ~ 4.0 ounces ~ 13 mm. Q2325  ~  $450
Model M before the second Palmer catalog circa late 1960’s
This model ‘M’ is pre second catalog. Joint and butt cap are like cues from the first Palmer catalog. 25 mother of pearl inlays. Very possible this cue is the first model ‘M’ prototype. White w/ green speck Cortland wrap. Very good original condition. 2 shafts  ~  12.7mm & 12.8mm. 58”  ~  19.4 ounces. Q2370  ~  $3,400
This is a magnificent collection of three Palmer Model ‘M’ cues are diverse, unique and rare. 2 of the 3 probably being one of a kind, the early cue may be the very first ‘M’ and the prototype. The trio should be kept together in a discriminating, appreciative collectors’ show case.
                                                                                           ‘M’ ~ Eugene Balner may have been thinking of Marilyn Monroe when he designed and created the ‘M’.                                                                                             The curves are provocative and sexy and blonde with a splash of gaudiness from the mother of pearl.                                                                                               One of the most distinctive and recognizable cue designs of all time and remains so after more than 50 years.