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Model “A” from the second Palmer catalog Circa 1970 'Full splice four prongs rosewood into straight grain maple forearm. Red and gold plastic butt sleeve. Brass piloted joint with white and black fiber rings and 5/16" x 18 brass pin. Red dacron wrap very good original condition One shaft 12mm 57" 19.7 ounces
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Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
Palmer Custom Cues
$500              Q2196
The original line of cues consisted of 8 designs, letters A through H, showcased on a flyer produced in 1965. These designs were incorporated into what is now considered the "First Catalog" in 1966 and with 3 added designs. The First Line Catalog now numbered each cue and also featured two cases, which were made in Brooklyn to Palmer’s design and specifications by a company called the Fine Brothers.
Model 11 from the third Palmer catalog New Addition Circa 1976 Gus Szamboti ‘Bicentennial’ forearm 4 prongs ebony into maple with black, blue, red & white veneers Ebony butt sleeve with matching veneers White with green speck Irish linen wrap Cue expertly restored by Guido Orlandi Cue made by two hall of fame cuemakers I’ve been playing pool for 54 years and have one 100+ ball run – I did it with this cue Two shafts - 12.6mm/29.25”/3.9oz/ivory ferrule & 12.1mm/28.75”/3.7oz/ivory ferrule 57.75” 20.8 ounces & 57.25” 20.6 ounces
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$2,450            Q2308
Model 16 from the third Palmer catalog New Addition Circa late 1970s Gus Szamboti forearm 4 prongs maple into Macassar ebony with white, green, orange & black veneers 72 mother of pearl inlays Black Dacron wrap NOS (new old stock) – cue has never been chalked – 100% original Original model and weight stickers on the butt plate Palmer's identification marks on the butt and shaft - handwritten 7 and green ink stripe on both Cue made by two hall of fame cuemakers This cue is featured in June 2016 issue of ‘Billiards Digest’ magazine One shaft 12.9mm 58” 20.9 ounces
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$3,150            Q2313
 Model 1variation from the third Palmer catalog New Addition  Circa 1970s Solid Bubinga “Merry Widow” style cue Two-tone Dacron wrap purple and red Stainless steel piloted joint with 5/16” x 18 brass pin Good original condition One of a kind – it is either Earl or Shaquille O'Neal size 66” / 24.4 ounces Butt - 33” / 18.3 ounces Shaft 1 – 33” / 6.1 ounces / 14.4 mm Shaft 2 – 28.5” / 4.0 ounces / 13 mm
$550              Q2325