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PFD Studios 2000 Burton Spain blank with four ebony points w/ white, black, white black veneers. Ebony butt sleeve with ivory piloted joint w/ 5/16" x 14 pin. Ivory butt cap, wrap is white w/ black speck Kingfisher silk fishing line from the 1930s. Excellent condition Two 13mm shafts w/ ivory ferrules and Moori tips 58" 18.9 ounces
Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
Paul Drexler PFD Studios
$2,450                Q2244
Paul Drexler began making cues in 1989 as a result of his desire to own a very special cue. The keys to a good-hitting cue, according to Paul, are solid construction, high-grade materials, and attention to detail.
PFD Studios by Paul Drexler Circa mid 1990s  Titlist conversion Titlist forearm inlaid with desert  ironwood and ivory Afterwrap inlaid with desert  ironwood and ivory Elforyn flat faced joint w/ 3/8" pin Fancy decor rings @ abde Black leather wrap Two shafts  ~  12.25mm 58"  ~  18 ounces Excellent condition $1,900  ~  Q2306     
$1,900                Q2306