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David Barber New Cue Early 2000s Excellent playability   More about this cue
Bert Schrager Circa 1964 Carom Billiard Cue According to the cue’s original owner it may be the first cue made by Bert Schrager in 1964 when Bert began making cues under the guidance of Harvey Martin  
Blue Grass by Richard Harris 2002 - RH00 Richard’s cues are known for their excellent playability, this cue meets that high standard.   
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Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
Our New Additions
Omega/DPK Circa 1991,1992,1993 Mike and Tracy Bender are highly respected world class cuemakers. The trio of cues was created by David Paul Kersenbrock, Mike, Tracy & Matt Bender. The cues are played and in excellent original condition.                                                            
 Buy all 3 $7,000 Q2300
 $3,150 Q2309  
$2,450           Q2336   
$1,300            Q2323  
Jensen Cue by Mike Johnson Circa 1900 Mike Johnson has been making high end custom Jensen Cues since 1969                         
$1,650 Q2300 
Samsara New Cue  S.N. 2284 Dave Doucette and Jim Stadum create beautiful and intricately designed cues that play fantastic                         
$7,700 Q2332 
Mark Bear Circa 2000  2 cue set 6 point playing cue and a jump break cue set.  Cues may be sold separately                         
$2,350 Q2314 
Palmer Circa 1976  3rd catalog model 11 I’ve been playing pool for 54 years and have one 100+ ball run – I did it with this cue                         
$2,450 Q2308 
Palmer Circa late 1970s  3rd catalog model 16 NOS (new old stock) - cue has never been chalked - 100% original                         
$3,150 Q2313 
Palmer Circa 1976  3rd catalog model 1 One of kind cue - it is either Earl or Shaquille O’Neal size
$550       Q2325
Samsara 160 inlays of ebony and ivory add contrast to this gorgeously designed cue.                         
$8,800 Q2333
Joss Precision Billiard Instruments Excellent refinished condition                               $1,500            Q2341