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Yakimov Roman
Yakimov Roman is a Russian cuemaker who uses intricate splicing techniques to create his unique masterpieces. This fine example is the first of his cues imported into the USA. Accompanying the cue is a handcrafted leather with silver case custom made specifically for this cue. The splicing technique of this cue is called ‘8 Pointed Crown’. Pics below show details of machined pieces during assembly. Thin silver thread inlaid design & 56 other inlays enhance the butt sleeve and forearm. The handle area is a delicately laser engraved pattern to enhance grip. Butt cap is silver. Carbon fiber joint with a titanium pin and proprietary ‘trapeze’ thread design. Custom joint protectors. Two shafts spliced in the pattern as a continuation of the forearm. Expand the brochure pics below for a more indepth cue and case details. 60”  ~  20 ounces New cue circa 2017 Q2374  ~  $4400