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Jerry Olivier with Sandra Brady Scrimshaw Artist 2007 'Tribute to the six generations of Corvette'. Ebony, ivory & silver masterpiece. Ringtail lizard wrap Scrimshawed by world class scrimshaw artist Sandra Brady. Cue is featured in the 3rd edition of the Billiard Encyclopedia. Depicted are six Vettes, one from each generation C1 1957 feulie venetian red & arctic white C2 1967 tri-carb 427 greenwood green C3 1969 ZL1 can-am white C4 1996 grand sport admiral blue & arctic white C5 2004 Z51 convertible magnetic red II C6 2007 ZO6 velocity yellow Two shafts 13mm with ivory ferrules Custom joint protectors Ron Thomas custom case of black Italian kidskin, white leather Chevy 'bowtie' insert & scrimshawed ivory.
Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
Jerry Olivier
$8,800              Q2186
Olivier Cues are available from Jerry’s line of elegant designs, or can be custom built to your design and specifications.