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Jerry Olivier with Sandra Brady Scrimshaw Artist 2007 'Tribute to the six generations of Corvette'. Ebony, ivory & silver masterpiece.  Scrimshawed by world class scrimshaw artist Sandra Brady. Cue is featured in the 3rd edition of the Billiard Encyclopedia. Ringtail lizard wrap. Two shafts  ~  13mm w/ ivory ferrules. Custom joint protectors. Q2186  ~  $8,800              Click to view provenance  [1]    Depicted are six Vettes, one from each generation C1 1957 feulie venetian red & arctic white C2 1967 tri-carb 427 greenwood green C3 1969 ZL1 can-am white C4 1996 grand sport admiral blue & arctic white C5 2004 Z51 convertible magnetic red II C6 2007 ZO6 velocity yellow   Ron Thomas custom case of black Italian kidskin, white leather  Chevy 'bowtie' insert & scrimshawed ivory lid.
Dick Abbott Virginia,USA (540) 772-7827
Jerry Olivier
Olivier Cues are available from Jerry’s line of elegant designs, or can be custom built to your design and specifications.